February 2018 update:

Congratulations to Banfield Pet Hospital, including the work of the Banfield Foundation, for being named as one of the top 50 community-minded companies in the country by Points of Light. As a grant recipient of the foundation, we are proud to be in such good company! Read more here! (Link to Banfield community page:https://www.banfield.com/about-us/community) #Civic50



October 18, 2017—Miami, FL—Banfield Foundation is answering the call for help from Miami based veterinary groups. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, veterinarians from Miami and Puerto Rico with help from the Banfield Foundation, organized bringing needed supplies to pets and people in distress. Banfield Foundation is supplying nearly $49,000 in critical aid consisting of antibiotics, flea and tick prevention, Rabies and Leptospirosis vaccines, heartworm and deworming medication among other needed items. Mosquito infestation and unsafe living conditions have made disease prevention a top priority in Puerto Rico to protect both pets and people.

“At the Banfield Foundation, we believe all pets deserve access to veterinary care no matter their circumstance. We are working closely with the Miami Veterinary Foundation to ensure that as many pets as possible have the opportunity to receive highly important medical care and vaccinations in order to reduce the risk of disease and other illnesses,” said Kim Van Syoc, Executive Director of the Banfield Foundation. “We applaud the great work of Miami-based veterinarians—Dr. Hector Roman and Dr. Pedro Armstrong—both native Puerto Ricans who have been critical in establishing a network of veterinarians who are quickly mobilizing to provide care to animals in the remote parts of the island.”

Thousands of units of veterinary supplies will being arriving on the island as early as Thursday, October 19. Triage clinics will be established in four key locations and residents of Puerto Rico are encouraged to bring their pets in for free assistance. 

Dr. Irving Lerner, President of the Miami Veterinary Foundation stated, “Our colleagues at the Banfield Foundation have reacted quickly and generously. The next challenge at hand is setting up adequate facilities from which to administer the essential disaster assistance for pets. We are working to address the immediate issues and plan for long-term care.”  

Dr. Claudia Valderrama, President of the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association and a Board Member of the Miami Veterinary Foundation was helpful in bringing together the parties, resulting in a very generous gift from the Banfield Foundation of thousands of units of needed veterinary medical supplies. 

In December, 2017 The Doris Day Animal Foundation generously provided a $10,000 grant to continue our work in Puerto Rico into 2018. Many residents are still without homes, power and the basic necessities. We are so proud to partner with the Doris Day Animal Foundation, and are grateful to Ms. Day, her Board, and staff for their faith in the Miami Veterinary Foundation in providing funding to continue the work we began in partnership with the Banfield Foundation.  

Puerto Rico Participating Clinics & Vets for Mass Vaccinations

Gorge Dias Umpierres, DVM Clinica Veterinaria GDU
Avenida 167, Esquina Los Millones Bayamon PR 00956

787-955-7701 (abierto 8AM a 5 PM)

Ada Martínez, DVM
Hospital Veterinario Quebradillas Carreter #2 Km 96.8
antes de entrada al pueblo Quebradillas PR 00678 787-356-6289


(abierto hasta 2 PM y despues a domicilio a comunidades remotas a Castaner en Lares, Guajataca, Charca, Jayuya, Utuado)

Jessie Gonzague, DVM Hospital Veterinario Isabela Carretera #2 Km 109.6 Isabela, PR 00662 787-425-2290
(abierto 9 AM – 2 PM
Sat 9 AM – 1 PM
Cerrado Miercoles gonzaguedvm@yahoo.com

Luis Ramos, DVM
Hospital Veterinario San Francisco de Asisis Carr #2 Km 82.7
Detrás de Rooms to Go
Hatillo, PR, 00659
787-817-9257 Dr.Ramos@HospVetSanFranciscoAsis.com

Jorge Raices, DVM Arecibo Vet Clinic Carretera #2 Km 82 Arecibo PR 00612 787-374-6858 jraices@xsn.net

David Trautman
Dr. David Trautmant Vet Clinic Carretera 129 Km 3.4
Arecibo, PR, 09614 dtrautmann@yahoo.com

Rocky Gonzalez, DM Hospital Veteriario RG Carretera 129 KM 22 Barrio Callejones Lares PR 00669 787-636-6962 rdgp_@hotmail.com (abierto 9 AM – 3 PM) (Sat. 9 AM – 12:30 PM)

Camila Roman, DVM Relief by Alicia Díaz, DVM Carretera 111
next to Wendy's
San Sebastián PR, 00685 787-207-8714


(hours TBD)