As many of us watch the Winter Olympics, "GO TEAM USA", it occurs to me that the Miami Veterinary Foundation is analogous with Team USA. There are multiple athletes, much like our board members, dedicated to working hard to achieve the best they can, both as an individual and as a member of the team. Each member of our board gives their best individual effort to strengthen our overall organization. The collective team comes together unified in their mission, committed to working together, being supportive of each others strengths and limitations, facing the challenges together. There are triumphs and disappointments as well as those awe inspiring stories and successes. And, as it is an honor to participate in the Olympics and be a member of Team USA, it is an honor to be a member of the Board of Miami Veterinary Foundation and to serve the companion animals in need in our community.

No team is successful without their supportive platform of those who believe in them, like our Friends of the Foundation. Those people and organizations that open the opportunity door for the Team to be able to compete. Those that commit to actively supporting the Miami Veterinary Foundation so that the MVF team may bring the team goals to fruition. Everyone working together, everyone having a share in the successes!

The Miami Veterinary Foundation team had a blessed year in 2017! Because of the support of our Friends of the Foundation, we were able to provide care to animals in Miami-Dade and to offer disaster relief to the companion animals of Puerto Rico!

The Banfield Foundation, who had previously awarded us funds for Project Unleashed, and The Doris Day Animal Foundation awarded grant funds for the suffering companion animals in Puerto Rico. Via these grants we were able to provide much needed veterinary supplies and services in Puerto Rico.

The Florida Veterinary Medical Association Foundation awarded us a generous grant of funds for Project Unleashed, our free veterinary wellness clinic at Camillus House homeless shelter.

The Pareira Family Foundation, Mercy Laboratories and other private citizens were also generous in contributing to our financial wellbeing in 2017. The Mercy Laboratory grant allowed us to create the first ever "Cat Trapper Stipend" program for the MVF/TNR program.

Then there are "our golfing friends" and those who support the annual golf tournament! Our annual golf tournament is our single largest fund raiser of the year! There are countless hours and connections that together culminate in to an awesome golfing experience. We want everyone to be proud to support the tournament and for our golfers to have a great day of fun in the sun. 

Give Miami Day 2017 was a wonderful opportunity for us to participate in a county wide day of giving! We are so grateful to those who took the time to select Miami Veterinary Foundation as a recipient of their kindness. 

While funding is of course a necessity, funds alone will not create a successful team. There are many volunteers and collaborative partners who donate time, expertise, energy and resources so that we are able to take action and provide services to those in need. People who have the shared vision of making our community a better place for companion animals.

Low cost spay and neuter, cat trapper stipends, rescue dogs being trained and placed in permanent loving homes, free veterinary care, disaster relief, free educational lectures are just some of the events that Team Miami Veterinary Foundation captures the Gold in. 

We will continue to work hard, strive to be the best we can be, and represent impressive results thru commitment. Go Team Miami Veterinary Foundation!

Chris Septer
Executive Director