Sources of Financial Assistance

Brown Dog Foundation

Client eligibility: Working poor (100-300% poverty limit) or temporary financial setback like job loss. 

Patient eligibiilty: Dogs & cats who could be healthy with treatment. 

Apply: Both client and vet. 

Limits: Can only pay for prescription medicines in FL, not treatment.

Care Credit 

Client eligibility: You need to qualify for credit. 

Patient eligibiilty: Any

Apply: Client 

Limits: None.

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program 

Client eligibility: Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, Unemployment, "public assistance" 

Patient eligibilty: Cats & kittens with life-threatening illness or injury. 

Apply: Client 

Limits: None


Client eligibility: Physically and mentally challenged individuals, Senior citizens, Children of the working poor; individual income under $20K, household under $40K 

Patient eligibility: Most grants cover surgery but will do "curative treatments"  

Apply: Client 

Limits: One grant per family lifetime.

Magic Bullet Fund 

Client eligibility: Must prove cannot fully pay vet bill by providing last tax return and other financial information. 

Patient eligibility: Only dogs with operable tumors or in chemotherapy for lymphoma.  

Apply: Client and vet. 

Limits: Estimated cost of treatement less what client can pay. The fund works by conducting a fund raising campaign for the pet.

The Mosby Foundation

Client eligibility: must be pre-approved, does not grant funding for emergencies or procedures already done

Patient eligibility: general

Apply: Client with confirmation with Veterinarian

Limits: One life time award of funds

Onyx & Breezy Foundataion 

Client eligibility: Must have applied for, and been denied, Care Credit. 

Patient eligibility: General, will pay for medical care and medicines. 

Apply: Client. 

Limits: None listed.

Scratch Pay

Client eligibility:  anyone, based on credit scores. Can only be used at partner practices. Is a payment plan structure, similar to a credit card.

Patient eligibility: general, is a payment plan structure

Limits: based on ability to pay monthly payments

The Pet Fund 

Client eligibility: Anyone, but must call for pre-screening before applying. 

Patient eligibility: Non-emergency care only. 

Apply: Client and vet. 

Limits: None listed. They pay vets only, and there may be a long wait time before doing so.


Client eligibility: Demonstrated financial need. Also a special program for victims of domestic violence so they don't have to leave their pets behind. Must conduct fundraising on own behalf first. 

Patient eligibility: Urgent medical need but will only fund if not yet treated. 

Apply: Client and vet. 

Limits: One grant lifetime.

The Rose Fund

Client eligibility: must have exhausted own funds prior to application.

Patient eligibility: must be life threatening, illness or injury that requires immediate attention, but with a positive prognosis if receives proper veterinary treatment

Apply: Veterinarian

Limits: none stated

Financial Assistance for Mobility Handicapped Pets

Handicapped Pets Foundation
The Handicapped Pets Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to extending the life of pets by helping them move and get the exercise they need to live long, happy, healthy lives. They donate wheelchairs to pet caretakers with demonstrated financial need. Online application.

Hailey’s Wheels for Life
This not for profit entity in South Australia provides subsidized wheelchairs to rescue groups and those owners in need of financial assistance. The purpose is to encourage an alternative to euthanasia and to prolong the life of an otherwise healthy dog. The outcome is to bring the joy to owners and their dog when those first wheels are turned and to encourage sustained mobility. Contact:

Gunnar’s Wheels
Assist owners in providing mobility options to their pets. Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation is a loaner program and carts may be used for the duration they are needed, and then returned to Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation to be refurbished and matched with the next pet in need. Contact: Direct message them through their Facebook page.

Wheeling Superheroes
Wheeling Superheroes is a non-profit organization bringing wheelchairs to pets in need. 100% of public donations directly fund wheelchairs for pets. They believe that every pet on the planet is deserving of a chance to triumph over circumstances beyond their control. They bring wheelchair-assisted zoomies and unbelievable joy back to families. Contact them at:

Rescued Rollers
Rescued Rollers is a registered 501(c)3 with a simple mission: To give free or low-cost pet wheelchairs to animal rescue organizations, shelters, and individuals who otherwise cannot afford them (inspired by their experiences with Ranger, their own handicapped Border Collie). For about $70, they can clean, sanitize, refurbish/repair, and ship a donated wheelchair to those in need. They also offer educational programs to the public to teach them how to care for their special needs and senior dogs. Contact them through their website.