Our mission is to increase access to veterinary care, promote responsible pet ownership, strengthen the human animal bond and support reduction of pet overpopulation in our community.

For the Love of Pets


About Us

The Foundation is comprised of a group of veterinarians and like minded animal lovers who generously donate their time, energy and resources to improve the quality of life for pets in Miami Dade County.

Our History

The Foundation was founded in the 1970s as the Dade County Veterinary Foundation aimed at providing a way for veterinarians and pet owners to give back to the community. In the beginning the Foundation was funded by veterinarians via a 50 cent surcharge for each rabies tag a issued. The Foundation later adopted the name The South Florida Veterinary Foundation and began to rely more on grant funding and additional programs and donor support to help further its mission.

From an initial focus on Spay-Neuter programs, the Foundation has continued to grow, to now include many educational and animal related humanitarian programs, targeting the local community. The Foundation has also funded a scholarship program at the University of Florida Veterinary College as well as at the Miami Dade College Veterinary Technician program.

In 2016 the Board voted to change the name one last time to the Miami Veterinary Foundation to best reflect the community we serve. Miami Veterinary Foundation and the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association work together to promote access to quality veterinary medicine. With the various collaborative partners of the Foundation we educate and advocate for responsible pet ownership in our community. The Foundation also liaises with Miami Dade Animal Services to bring a better quality of life for the pets in our community, providing access to veterinary care for low income pet owners.